Pearls of Tapioca (Sago) its benefits and recipes

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Perle ti Tapioca Sagu

Tapioca pearls used extensively in Brazil and not only commonly referred to as Sago or Sagù.

What about the main benefit of tapioca pearls is that it provides a lot of energy to the body, as it is made up of carbohydrates only and can be used before training or to provide extra energy when breastfeeding and recovering from colds, flu and others. illnesses.

Perle di Tapioca or as we call it in Brazil sago is usually prepared with the finest cassava flour, which is called starch, becoming a type of cereal and can be consumed by celiacs, as it does not contain gluten. However, it does not contain fiber and is not recommended, for example, in cases of constipation and diabetes.

Sago can be made with wine, grape juice or milk, making it more nutritious but there are tons of other recipes we can make.

In particular what things the Tapioca Pearl

  • Tapioca pearls is a starch extracted from several species of palm trees.
  • It is made from the starch found inside the Saguzeiro trunk
  • Brazilian sago is made from cassava starch, which in turn is a by-product of grinding the tuber to make flour.
  • The heated cassava starch becomes a gum which, after going through a drying process, takes on an irregular or granular shape. The irregular one is called tapioca. The granules are known as sago which, in addition to giving a good gruel to the milk, turns into tasty desserts, when mixed with wine, chocolate or fruit juice.

Nutritional information

The table below provides the nutritional information for 100 g of Tapioca Pearls.

Quantidade: 100 g
Power: 340 kcal
Carbohydrate:86.4 gFibras:0 g
Protein:0.6 gFootball:10 mg
Gordura:0.2 gSodium:13.2 mg

Although sago is made from cassava in Brazil, it was originally made from palm trees in the region of Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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