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Swedish recipes

Recipes Swedish, probably the most famous Swedish preparation is smörgåsbord (smorgasbord, smörgås - sandwich and bord - table), which is not a meal, but a buffet with up to 40 different dishes. The buffet base is made up of various types of bread and butter. The rest are hot and cold dishes that include cheeses, herring, salmon, the typical Swedish meatballs (kothbullar), sausages and pates, in addition to the janssons frestelse, ("Jansson's temptation"), another typical dish based on potatoes and anchovies. The smorgasbord is generally reserved for special occasions, as its preparation takes a long time.

La Salsa Rosa, nota anche come Salsa Cocktail

Pink Cocktail Sauce

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Salsa Rosa Cocktail, also known as Salsa Cocktail, is a sauce with a delicate taste ...

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Cinnamon Rolls kanelbulle

Cinnamon Rolls (kanelbulle)

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Traditional cinnamon rolls - brioche-type pasta roll with an intense flavor ...

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