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Chinese recipes

Chinese recipes, it's one of my favorite dishes. Since at the moment that we have difficulties in our country, all restaurants are closed. Some friends and readers of the site have asked me to insert some dishes that they usually eat in the restaurant of the world of Chinese gastronomy. I hope you like the type of food and that you can make it at home. Many ingredients that he uses to make these recipes can be found in various supermarkets and also in Asian food stores that you can find in our country. You will have fun making these recipes with your loved ones and children as I do with my daughters and partner.

La Salsa Rosa, nota anche come Salsa Cocktail

Pink Cocktail Sauce

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Salsa Rosa Cocktail, also known as Salsa Cocktail, is a sauce with a delicate taste ...

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Ravioli al Vapore di Carne

Meat Steamed Ravioli

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Jiaozi Chinese Steamed Ravioli, easy to prepare, cooked and eaten .. Definitely one of the delicacies ...

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