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Convertitore di Misure Culinarie

Choose that special recipe that everyone likes, select, organize and portion the ingredients… These are some of the steps to prepare a meal at home.

Some recipes contain measures we are not used to using; creating problems in finding suitable tools for serving. Seeing the difficulty for many people; we decided to help you by making a converter.

Learn to convert culinary measures

Convertitore di Misure Culinarie

Correct measurement is one of the factors that can define the quality of your dishes. Use the tables below for your next recipes.

1 teaspoon ½ teaspoon
1 teaspoon2 coffee spoons
1 dessert spoon 4 coffee spoons
1 soup spoon6 coffee spoons

Equivalence for liquids

250 ml1 cup of tea
200 ml1 American glass
180 ml¾ teacup
125 ml½ teacup
100 ml½ American glass
60 ml¼ teacup
15 ml1 soup spoon
10 ml1 dessert spoon
5 ml1 teaspoon
2.5 ml1 teaspoon

To make a good recipe both in the right measure, it is necessary to adhere to the exact quantity described. Portions should be shallow.

When measuring a cup or spoon, use a knife to remove excess ingredient.

Remember that each product has its own texture and thickness. To help you, we have selected some foods and their equivalences. Follow:


1 Tea cup120 g
½ Teacup60 g
⅓ Tea cup40 g
¼ Teacup30 g
1 soup spoon7 g
1 dessert spoon5 g
1 teaspoon3 g


1 Tea cup200g or 20 Serving spoons
½ Teacup100g or 10 mini spoons
¾ Tea cup135g or 13.5 soup spoons
¼ Teacup45g or 4.5 soup spoons
1 Serving spoon10g
1 dessert spoon9g
1 teaspoon4g

Uncooked rice

1 Tea cup200g or 12 soup spoons
1 American glass160g or 11 soup spoons
1 soup spoon15g

Vegetable butter or fat

1 Tea cup200g
½ Teacup100g
⅓ Tea cup65g
1 soup spoon12g
1 dessert spoon9g
1 teaspoon4g
1 Coffee spoon2g


1 Tea cup80g
1 soup spoon5g
1 dessert spoon3g
1 teaspoon1.5g


1 Tea cup150g
1 soup spoon9g
1 dessert spoon5g
1 teaspoon3g


1 Tea cup180g
1 dessert spoon15g


1 PinchThis you can hold between the tips of two fingers or ⅛ of a spoon
1 teaspoon5g
1 soup spoon20g
1 Tea cup300g


1 teaspoon10g

Apply the Culinary Measure Converter

Let's put the measurement converter into practice. I have selected a recipe to make you understand the corresponding measures and facilitate the preparation of the dish. Look:

Black Rice with Seafood

Riso Nero ai Frutti di Mare

Ingredients (for two people)

For the herb oil:

850 ml of olive oil = 5 tea cups;
50g of thyme = 5 soup spoons.
50 g of rosemary = 5 soup spoons.
50g of basil = 5 soup spoons.

For the dish:

190 g of black rice = 1 cup of tea or 12 soup spoons.
170 g of mussels = 1 cup of tea.
100g of shrimp = ½ cup of tea.
100 g of squid = ½ cup of tea.
100g onion = 1 cup of tea or 10 soup spoons.
5 g of salt = 1 teaspoon or ¼ soup spoon.
4 g of garlic = ¾ teaspoon.
20 ml of oil = 4 teaspoons.
20 ml of herbal oil = 4 teaspoons.
1 tomato

Preparation time

35 to 40 minutes.


695 cal.

Method of preparation

For the herb oil:
Defoliate the herbs. In a blender, add the oil, leaves and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Tap for 1 minute and that's it!

For the dish:

Taglia il pomodoro a cubetti. Condire i frutti di mare con sale e mettere da parte;

Cut the tomato into cubes. Season the seafood with salt and set aside.

In una casseruola, aggiungere un filo di olio d'oliva a fuoco medio e rosolare la cipolla tritata per circa 1 minuto o fino a quando non sarà leggermente dorata

In a saucepan over medium heat, add a drizzle of olive oil and sauté the chopped onion for about 1 minute or until lightly browned.

Aggiungere il riso e 1 litro d'acqua. Aggiustate di sale e fate cuocere a fuoco medio per circa 30 minuti, con la padella semiaperta o finché non ci sarà piu l'aqua.

Add the rice and 1 liter of water. Add the salt and cook over medium heat for about 30 minutes, with the pan half open or until there is no more water.

Riscaldare una padella a fuoco alto e aggiungere l'olio d'oliva e l'aglio. Rosolare per 20 secondi e poi aggiungere i frutti di mare, rosolare per 2 minuti;

Heat a skillet over high heat and add the olive oil and garlic. Brown for 20 seconds and then add the seafood, brown for 2 minutes.

Separare metà del pesce e metterlo da parte. Aggiungere il riso e metà dei pomodori e il resto dei frutti di mare rimasti nella padella. Mescolare delicatamente fino quando vengono mischiati bene tutti gli ingredienti;

Separate half of the fish and set aside. Add the rice and half of the tomatoes and the rest of the seafood remaining in the pan. Gently mix until all ingredients are blended well.

Mettere il riso su un piatto e adagiarvi sopra il resto dei frutti di mare e la polpa di pomodoro.

Put the rice on a plate and arrange the rest of the seafood and the tomato pulp on top.

Now that we've described the proportions in the Culinary Measure Converter, preparing that complicated-looking dish has certainly become a much easier task.

It is not true? Choose the best ingredients and run to the kitchen.

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